Why slowing down makes you a better designer

We live in a society that is 110mph every single day. We don’t slow down, and we certainly don’t stop to think about where we are. We just keep going, and try our best not to trip along the way.

The reason might be blamed on the fact that the internet never stops, and the more we get plugged into it, the more we take on its nature.

When we leave our desk, it’s not much different than if we hadn’t, because we have our phone. And we never don’t have our phone, but, especially if we go without it, we pretty much have withdrawals and feel as though we are getting left behind.

The result is that we never have time to re-gather our thoughts, or renew our mental strength to continue. We all run on about 65% most of the time, and we don’t know the difference (my guess is because we experienced 100% only on our first day of work).

What if you aligned your workday habits more closely with the natural rhythms of your body–recognizing renewal as a critical aspect of both effectiveness and sustainability in a world of rising demand?

…Zeke began winding down by 11 p.m. and turning off the lights no later than 11:30. He also began waking up an hour later, at 6:30 a.m., ensuring that he now gets at least seven hours of sleep a night. Instead of rushing out the door as he had in the past, Zeke sits down for breakfast with his wife and two daughters. On both counts, he leaves home feeling better.

Tony Schwartz – Manage Your Day-to-Day, by 99U

As creatives, we must learn to slow down and incorporate rest and breaks into our daily routine. Doing this ensures that we always are working at our best, and sets us up for a wildly more successful career.

Doing more is not always doing your best.

Slowing down makes me a better designer because it relaxes my brain and allows me to recollect my thoughts. Taking 5-10 minute breaks during the day is vital, or I will burn out of creative juice, so to speak, by 2pm.

Every time.

So slow down. Be a better designer.

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