Why I could care less if you read this

I used to blog all the time and even obsessively. The problem is that my attitude on whether or not it was worth it had to do with whether or not I was getting traffic.

It’s funny, how the internet can sometimes change you. When everyone has the potential to be “famous”, everyone tends to act differently.

I know, everyone values authentic content. The kicker, however, is that not everyone values authentic content over sharable content. It’s only valuable if someone shares your content. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Being Me

Since I’m getting back into blogging, I’ve been inspired to simply be me. Not the next designer that everyone follows on Twitter; not the next breakthrough voice in the community; not the person with thousands of followers on Instagram. I just want to be me.

And me is weird, quirky, and probably not very interesting to most people.

But what I love to do is write and I love to design so I guess I will do both. And if no one reads this post, it won’t make or ruin my day. Why? Because I want more out of life than internet fulfillment. 

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