Why excellence in craftsmanship is a dying practice

This post is simply a cry to the creatives in world.

This is to the people who pride themselves in their craft; who strive to make something life changing and world shaking. You know who you are, because you tell yourself that you are this person every single day. You’re the dreamer; the convicted artist; the mad coder; the WordPress theme builder; the writer.

I want to tell you something and I am telling it to you as much as myself.

Don’t rush your craft.

This isn’t a race to the top, or a competition to sell the most products. Artists are not manufacturers, they are poets. They are not interested in half-*** work (and neither is anyone else), but are meticulous in their design. They are expressionists of their creative gifts, and, whether they believe in a Higher Power or not, they are telling you of something (or Someone) profound.

I’ve been in the habit of making web, but to be honest I think these themes fall short. Why? Because I pushed them out before they were ready. I wanted so much for people to see what I had been working on, that I didn’t even finish working on them. They can be better, and they will be better, because from now on, I’m not rushing my art.

Excellence in craftsmanship is a dying practice because we live in a ‘manufacture-society’.

This is to the designers, the front-end developers, the programmers and software architects: make something beautiful and take all the time that is necessary. 

I Digress

I know, I got a little passionate there. But seriously, when did we stop treating web design as anything other than a digital canvas? 

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