Why being terrified of leadership is a good thing

Everyone know’s we are the worst personal critiques. Ask someone how you’re doing at something, and chances are they will tell you an answer better than what you were bracing for.

But this doesn’t help the crushing scrutiny we place on ourselves when aspiring to carry out a calling that we know is a part of our greater purpose on this Earth.

One day, before we took that step, we were separate from its accomplishment.

But after taking that step, we now feel responsible.

This is difficult, especially when you have carried this vision your entire life, and are just now stepping into a place of being able to be a part of making it happen. If you are responsible, then you might be the cause of that vision falling short of your long held desire for its success.

Don’t dis-qualify yourself, just yet

As you can probably guess, I’m going through this exact scenario. Discretion is leading me to not describe it in detail, but that is unnecessary anyway. This applies to any scenario that involves leadership.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: if you are worried about the vision failing, even about failing yourself, then you are the perfect person to lead that vision.

The “vision” doesn’t need you to hand it over to someone who isn’t worried, because anyone who cares (I mean, really cares) about the vision will be worried. If you aren’t worried about its failure, then you likely don’t care about it.

The same principle can be applied to anything we hold of value in life: If you care about your wife, you’ll worry about her at times. If you care about your children, you’ll definitely worry about them as well. If you care about your possessions, you will always (sadly) worry about them getting hurt…a.k.a. “failing”.

When you’re terrified of leading, that’s when you should

I am terrified of failing at the calling I feel on my life; terrified of falling short of my purpose; terrified of leading. And this is good, because it means that I will care about its outcome.

But more than this, I can guarantee if you never take the risk of leading (whether that be in your family, church, community, or blog), then your calling may never actually come to fruition.

And that is far more terrifying.

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