My mother told me: Think slowly

I used to love writing on paper. Now I hate it. The reason is simple, and can be summed up in one word: impatience.

When was the last time you wrote down your thoughts on paper? I know that for me, it was last week. Some might call that a good amount, but I say it’s pitiful.

But let’s get to the root of the issue. It isn’t about the act of writing on paper, or about writing online. Each serve their own purposes.

But typing online has become a crutch to me in a way that causes writing on paper to be my limp. I no longer have the patience to write down my thoughts by hand, and this is simply because doing so takes time.

For those of us consumed in the digital age (which is 95%), we think about as fast as our computers. Okay, not literally, but take this for example: I can type at about 25x the speed that I can write on paper.

Because of this, I grow anxious and impatient the moment I sit down to write with a pen. I can’t stand the slowlness with which my thoughts are turning into words, and so I begin to write faster. My letters become sloppy, my hand tense, and I end up skipping words because my brain is moving faster than my hand can keep up.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind this scenario. I would chock it up to be the result of an inferior medium, and resort the speedy flow of typing online.

I told this frustration to my mother, who writes religiously in her journal on a daily basis. She looked at me and laughed in a curious manner. I half expected that she saw me as a toddler again, asking the questions that the older and more experienced know to be simple.

That’s the whole point,” She said. “Slow down and observe, think, and wait before you put your thoughts down. The cream rises to the top when you do this.

Simple, profound, and to the point. The wisdom of an older generation, who lived life in the moment, and at the pace of life itself.

I’m not sure about you, but this is something I want. I want the words that I write to be meaningful. Not empty, or random. Rather, I want to sit and wait.

Maybe then, I will find out what my thoughts actually mean.

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