Because there is no haze without fire

I can’t blame Indonesia because Malaysia and Singapura take role in this forrest burning issue. It is the same as there is a yard behind our house. Because it is dirty, that neighbour burn the trash in her yard.

The haze comes into our house. We just cannot blame that neighbour because our trash are there, too. At the same point, I also can’t blame Malaysia because actually Indonesia can bring this issue to court

This haze export issue has already happened in more 20 years

Shouldn’t have been a solution for it ..?

Haze does not recognize a citizenship. It attacks everyone. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore. Even when there are some foreigners who are sent to Kalimantan to put off the haze, they are also will be attacked by haze

In another side, citizenship doesn’t recognize haze

We can’t give label

“Oh, from the smell, this haze comes from Indonesia” Or based on its sharp particles, this haze must be from Europe”

Haze also doesn’t recognize ownership concept. It only knows its origin and destination

That’s why we name it “haze FROM Indonesia” instead of “haze OF Indonesia”

The haze from Indonesia is heading to Malaysia

Correction, the haze is moved, to be precise. Because the haze only follows the wind blows

I swear to God. If haze can talk, it does not want to be blamed. It will surely point the wind as the source of the problem. It also blames fire.

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