After Graduated, What Will You Do Afterwards?

Going to work?
Being a worker? or a self-worker?

No matter what you choose, be sure that you’ll never stop in your way to achieve your dream. This time, I’d like to share you some tips about how to prepare yourself, as new fresh-grad, to enter real work life.

Now, I prefer working as a freelancer and enjoy everything under my control. That’s personal choice, right? Someday, you might find the same situation requiring you to choose between options.

Okay, let’s go back to business, here are some of the list you might want to prepare before getting in real business:

Set Your Goal

Yes, it’s true before kicking off with sets of list of preparation, you must know your target.

What’s your goal?
Where’re you aiming at?

Some of you might have an unclear, absurd goal, such as: successful person, business man, rich people. Be clear enough with your definition of success. It’ll help you to have a clear, easy-to-aim target to achieve accordingly. Agree?

Spot Your Potential

Having a goal without knowing where to start will be all go for nothing. So, next thing to do is know exactly what are you best at, what is your potential. This will help you to determine what types of business industry you’d like to join. In case you’re confused where to start, then start to find out your inside potential. Once you spot it, either sharpen it or diverse it.

This will allow you to compete with other people who have the same capacity as you have. Be spot on! or Be unique!

Understand Your Interest

Almost similar to point number two, you need to know your interest. Where your passion guides you to. Yes, working with passion will make everything go much easier for you, no matter how hard the situation will be, because you love your job, you’ll be able to overcome it and survive. Perhaps, some of you don’t have much courage to follow your own passion, because of some reasons.

But remember this, you’re still young, nothing is really at stake, so why don’t take chance?

Load Your ‘Weapon’

Not a real weapon, of course, it means yours tools to help you gain your goal. It could be either material or non material things, such as: your knowledge, your experience, background, your friend and more. That’s all you need to assist you win the battle field. It’d be good if you have build your ground base since you’re still study, cause it’s good opportunity where you can connect with many people, learn many things and observe things. Once you graduated, you’re – we can say – half full loaded.

Launch It

As you have all you need in hands, now it’s time to take action. If you’re trying to apply in a company, make sure you prepare your CV and list it down with whatever activities you have done in the past. This is a very good opportunity for you to market yourself. That’s why, you have to ‘load your weapon’ first before you can go further.

Get Some References

This is also important, you’d probably need to see how other’s doing it. You can ask your friends who’ve joined in the company and get information as much as possible. If you don’t have one, try to find information through internet. It’s good if you know a slight about company’s profile you’re aiming. This’ll benefit you during interview. Yet, on top of that, be sure that you know exactly the qualification needed, whether it is matched or not with yours.

Okay, that’s all I guess some tips I can share you. The thing is just don’t ever stop yet move forward. Okay? Next time, we’ll discuss another important tips to face the work life. Hope you success!

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