In defense of job

On personal freedom. Many will sell entrepreneurship on the promise that it gives you personal freedom. If that’s true, I haven’t seen it yet. There are many reasons to pursue entrepreneurship, but for me, personal freedom has moved to the end of that list. Seems fitting since it’s likely at the end of the journey.

Know your limits

Hustle is a dirty word, but there are times when it’s necessary. Before entering those times, it’s critical to find your limitations. Then confidently set your expectations, both for yourself and for all the parties involved. We humans simply aren’t meant for consistent 110% throughput, and that’s beautiful. Eventually, we have to recharge so we can hustle later.

For rent

Time is valuable, but that doesn’t mean it’s always for rent. Sometimes, $100/hour is worth the trade. Sometimes, $500/hour wouldn’t even come close.

What time in your life is for rent, and what isn’t? Make sure you know where to draw the line.