Create meaningful experiences.

We create digital products that make people’s lives easier.

madeby IKHWAN is a team of 25 founded as a App and Design company in late 2015 by Muhammad Ikhwan as the next step of his freelancing career. After several years of professional software and web development, he transitioned to full-time freelancing in 2008.

A little more about Ikhwan.
I’m a self-employed with over 10 years of experience in internet, mobile, consumer and enterprise software development and I held various management and technical positions and love building team of highly passionate people about technology.

I spend my time designing and developing product to keep his client on the cutting edge of technology and bring your brand on the online world and learned a lot by working with clients from different industries and naturally I would like to share my knowledge with you, it’s my know-how that makes things work and ensures your digital strategy is battle ready.

I speak three languages fluently and can make myself understood in a fourth. You can see the list of these languages in the below, where they are weighed depending on how well I speak them.


We build big solutions for big brands. And more than that, We’ve built a team of extraordinary people who are passionate about service and delivering results.

We are partner with big companies and brands to work collaboratively on solving their toughest web-based business challenges. My clients are design agencies and freelancers who already have finished design mockups, but need it coded into a fully working digital product.

Foundation. We committed to operating with integrity, generosity, and creativity in order to realize the future of business today.

In the business arena, core competencies are often expressed as skills or resources that propel profits. We operates with core competencies that make a difference, not just for our self, but in the world we share with my clients. We want to be a living example of the positive difference businesses can make in the lives of others. This belief is built into my very foundation. Core competencies like profit sharing, transparency, and natural leadership help us be that living example.

Horizon. We committed to growing into the needs of our clients with imagination, innovation, and application.

We are really quick learner. We keep abreast of the rapid developments that drive the online world. We don’t just follow what others are doing. We create, develop, and capture the future today. We don’t limit our selves to what We’ve done or even to what is currently possible. We stretch to our own horizon and beyond. We rise above the challenges tomorrow will bring and prepare our clients to meet the horizon head on.

We make the extraordinary choice to make the world better each and every day. We provide high-quality services that achieve high-quality results by living high-quality lives and by being a self employed of true quality. Our excellence is forged by doing the best work We can do and by doing our work in a way that reflects our values and my commitment to being extraordinary!

More than great problem solvers, also passionate about service and support. From the first contact, to the end of project, to questions six months later, I’m easy to work with and eager to help your company and internal teams move forward.