I’m Muhammad Ikhwan, freelance software developer, born in Indonesia and currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have over 10 years of experience in internet, mobile, consumer and enterprise software development.

I have built teams to start strategic new products in startup and large companies in the Malaysia and Singapore and held various management and technical positions and love building team of highly passionate people about technology with focus on customer delivery and having a lot of fun while build products and solving business problems using hand-crafted technology solutions.

Work experience

My previous roles have given me skills and understanding of multiple areas including software development using traditional paradigms (3-tier, SDLC).

  • Advisor for strategic decisions related to the technologies segment of the business
  • Architected the web and mobile apps
  • Automated API layer between back-end and front-end
  • Applied complex logic for data visualizations, client-side caching, and realtime chat
  • Direct, review and approve product development
  • Introduced end-to-end tests for critical features
  • Kept the team informed with current task, what task need to be done, what task is currently in progress, what task still incomplete, and the weekly timeline
  • Managed tests, builds, and deployment in Continuos Integration
  • Mentoring of team on technical and personal aspects
  • Refactored thousands of old tests
  • Road mapping of core infrastructure
  • Write complex business models and proposals

I spend my time designing and developing product to keep his client on the cutting edge of technology and bring your brand on the online world and learned a lot by working with clients from different industries and naturally he would like to share his knowledge with you, it’s his know-how that makes things work and ensures your digital strategy is battle ready.

Project experience

These are some of the most relevant experiences I have from past and present projects. In recent years my focus has mainly been on the technical aspects, however, my diverse background has proven to be very valuable asset.

  • API architecture
  • Native mobile apps development
  • Web apps development
  • Responsible for designing, provisioning and managing hundreds of servers in Amazon Web Service (AWS) infrastructure
  • Provided solution, design, and provisioning of AWS infrastructure for new on-boarding partners from network, security, resources, deployment, logging and monitoring
  • Design and implementation of analytics solution using Elastic Search (ELK stack) to enable tracking, monitoring
  • Design and implementation of data streaming architecture using Kinesis, Lambda, and DynamoDB Design and implementation of CDN using Amazon CloudFront and WAF
  • Architected and developed an extensible, real-time, multi-threaded, messaging based framework to support live-site application logging

Programming knowledge

Below is a list of programming languages and areas within which I have worked the most – in regards to software development. I rely completely on experience and previous assignments for this assessment.

  • Golang (Able to teach or advise others)
  • Python (Able to teach or advise others)
  • C# (Able to teach or advise others)
  • TypeScript (Able to teach or advise others)
  • Kotlin (Fairly comfortable)
  • Swift (Fairly comfortable)


My toolbox of products and services I love and allows me to continue building and maintaining my online empire. Here is a list I use regularly.

Physical items

  • MacBook Pro early 2015 (16GB RAM and 512GB SSD)
  • Bluetooth Apple Keyboard and Magic Mouse
  • OnePlus 5
  • Dell U3415W for second monitor


  • Postman for API development environment
  • Dash for stores snippets of code and instantly searches offline documentation
  • PyCharm my favorite text editor
  • Sourcetree — Git client
  • Bitbucket for version control
  • Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for hosting projects
  • iTerm2


  • Jira for project management
  • Office 365 personal plan
  • Google Apps
  • Spotify family plan
  • NordVPN for Mac and Android
  • 1Password for password management

For more information or want to start up a conversation? Have a project you want some help with? Send me an email.