I spend my time designing and developing product to keep my client on the cutting edge of technology and learned a lot by working with clients from different industries.

I have over 10 years of experience in internet, mobile, consumer and enterprise software development and held various management and technical positions.

In 3 years since July 7, 2016 I have written 13 blog posts mostly on Tuesdays and Mondays (one post per 3 months on average) which have received 0 comments. Posts are composed of 4572 words and 0 images in total with 351 words and 0 images per post on average which would be a book of 18 pages.

Here is an archive of all blog posts I have ever published.


You can see my portfolio here of some of the projects I worked on (I did not list some due to signed NDA’s or simply because I did not feel need to).


You can reach me via email or on my favorite social platforms Twitter or Instagram.

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